Inanna Justice, dominatrix in Paris, waits for you in her Queendom to show you the butt-lers photo galleries.

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One Queendom, five provinces

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A butt-ler worships Madame Lule's feet. Enter the yours in devotion BDSM photo gallery.

Yours in devotion

Because when asked “To which saint should I devote myself?”, the answer is always “To You, Madam!”

Keywords: adoration, fetishism, humility, obedience, veneration.

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High-end sevices, apologies, services

Because when it comes to killing yourself, a seasoned butt-ler is worth two and a half.

Keywords: cage, constraints, domestic discipline, minion, pet play, punishments, service, soubrette.

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Madame Lule holds the leash of a butt-ler while Inanna Justice waits near a submissive in a cage. Enter the high-end sevices BDSM photo gallery.
Queens Madame Lule and Inanna Justice ring for their butt-ler who brings a chastity cage. Enter the culinary delights BDSM photo gallery.

Culinary delights

Because after a busy day, these ladies love a good meal, and without moderation.

Key words: champagne, gagging, force-feeding, sensory deprivation, vore.

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Parties of pleasure

Because in a well-ordered castle, one person’s pleasure is another’s discomfort.

Keywords: cage, CNC, spanking, humor, impact, knife play, petplay, WTF.

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Mistresses Inanna Justice and Madame Lule sit on their submissives' back while playing cards. Enter the parties of pleasure BDSM photo gallery.
Dominatrices Madame Lule and Inanna Justice with two butt-lers. Enter the backstage BDSM photo gallery.


Because once the curtain comes down, the big and the small get together… in a convivial atmosphere.

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Photo credits: banner and first photo: ArthK; second, third and last photo: JinkLab; fourth photo: Bergamote