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Here, in the Queendom

Inanna Justice, the Queen of Hearts

If she’s not whipping her butt-ler, she’s whipping up a fantastic meal. A social butterfly, she organises several events in Paris, including the upcoming France FemDom, a three-day event for dominant women and those that love them. Passionate about education, you can often find her in the kinky classroom, either teaching a workshop or learning from others. She is the president, or rather Dick-tator, of the association Kinky Saloon France.

She released The Heart of the Dominatrix: Portraits and Interviews of Exceptional Mistresses in 2022 and also has a blog where she shares her thoughts on how to have more safe and enriching kink experiences.

Her motto?
Don’t tell me how to live my life.

Discovers Inanna Justice’s Chinese portrait in our Queendom.

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Madame Lule, the Queen of Swords

When she’s not bossing people around, she’s wielding a pen. Author of L’Émanuscule and Le Malendrier, the perpetual calendar of the submissive, she publishes with La Musardine under the name Alda Mantisse: first La Loi du Talon, an autobiographical novel that tells the story of a woman’s journey to professional domination, then the short story Anima Canina (collection Immorales).

She also created La Férule, a BDSM content website where her most beautiful creations in photo, audio, and text are posted each day.

Her motto?
In the name of high standards.

Discover Madame Lule’s Chinese portrait in our Queendom.

Her links

Her professional website:
La Férule, her BDSM website: – Texts. Sex. Sexts.
Her BDSM creations shop:
Le Boudoir infernal:

The photographers


Jérémy made a quick passage through a school for the cinema. He became a jack of all trades and above all a director (official selection at the Porn Film Festival Berlin 2022) and photographer specialising in the kinky world. Founder of the Kinky Saloon, eternal sexplorer and role-playing adventurer, he prefers to master games rather than people.

His professional website: JinkLab

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The body, in the softness of matching skins, to the most extreme extremes, where flesh is bitten, whipped, triturated, caressed, welcomed, the body and its work, the body sometimes submissive, the body subduing, the body in all its facets: this is what attracts the eye of ArthK, a Parisian photographer.

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The discreet Bergamote is Minordomie’s mystery photographer. No doubt because her images speak louder than her words.

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The butt-lers

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Photo credits: banner: Jinklab; Inanna: ArthK; Madame Lule: Bergamote; flonflons: Madame Lule; Olmo, Désiré, Noël, Épectase: ArthK; TiFlo, Andréa: Bergamote